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Train, train and train again... keep up-to-date and invest in new training courses

September 2007

The laws worldwide says that your employer must protect your health and safety. The laws also says that you must not do anything that could harm yourself or other workers. Employers and workers need to work together to make a place of work safe. Your employer must tell you:

It essential that training needs are constantly updated. It is essential that everyone is trained to do their job correctly. So changing jobs may require that the worker needs to have new or refresher training sessions.

First time workers

At this time of the year, many organisations worldwide will be taking in new, first-time employees. These young people may have a little knowledge of some workplaces where they have had work experience or a job whilst they have been studying. But all employers and work colleagues need to ensure that these young people have first class induction training to ensure that they know the hazards of their workplace and what the consequences are of not being health and safety conscious.

There are plenty of course being offered in many countries worldwide. You may find some listed in OSHWORLD's Diary of Events that may help to focus on the type of training needed.