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UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Annual Science Review 2021

May 2021
Sheila Pantry OBE

HSE is proud to publish this year’s review, COVID-19: Collaboration in a time of crisis.

The 2021 Annual Science Review focuses on how the HSE robust scientific evidence has been supporting the government’s response to the pandemic. We look at HSE’s contribution to the evolving global evidence base and the routes we have used to share that knowledge, including:

The review also highlights the range of studies HSE scientists are working on to support healthy and safe work in Great Britain, including:

Download the review and learn more about the difference HSE makes through their commitment to science.

Read about HSE Chief Scientific Advisor Professor Andrew Curran’s personal highlights of the review in the press release.

COVID-19: Science and evidence

For further information on HSE’s scientific evidence and research on COVID-19, visit HSE coronavirus webpage.

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