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SIGNS OF WORK – Photography and Film Contest

October 2017

What is safe work in modern world? What threatens us at work the most? How do we protect ourselves against those threats?

The working environment is changing day by day. We observe nanotechnologies, collaborative robotics, automation, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0 and also new forms of work and modern ways of communication. The world is full of chase for innovation and in the same time for security. The new contest “SIGNS OF WORK” has been created to be a story about those searches.

The competition is for people who are interested in film, photography, social campaigns, advertisement, storytelling, photo and video blogs or combination of different forms. It is for those who ask themselves questions about processes and social phenomena which are important today and who wonder what the work will look like in the near future and what new threats and opportunities are associated with modern work.

Signs of Work (o!znaki pracy 2017) is a film and photography contest organized by the Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute in Poland. It is aimed at encouraging discussion on challenges related to work safety and promoting artistic and journalism talents.

The contest has two categories: photography and film and multimedia.

Contest topics:

  1. Robots, machines, artificial intelligence
  2. In the net
  3. Teleworking, flexible hours, remote work
  4. Work time and leisure time
  5. Manufacturing chain
  6. Workstation
  7. Slashies
  8. e-volunteering, e-work
  9. You cannot turn back the clock
  10. How was work protected?

Additional field – topic of choice, closely related to work and safety.

Applications can be submitted until 14 October 2017.

Some inspirational photographs and more information: