Temporary Memorials to Workers

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Chesterfield, Derbyshire

To commemorate the numbers of people who had died as a result of driving for their work.

Address: Tourist Information Centre, Chesterfield near the Crooked Spire Church.

  1. 100 pair of shoes

    2008 – 100 pair of shoes

Photo courtesy of Shay Boyle


  1. 2006 Empty Shoes Memorial

    2006 – Empty Shoes Memorial

  2. 2008 – Alan Balmer

    2008 – Alan Balmer Memorial

  1. 2007 Tree of Life

    2007 – Tree of Life
    Purple ceramic leaves made by special school children from Bury.
    Placed on tree by families of those killed at and by work.

  2. 2008 – Ceramic display

    2008 – Ceramic display
    (made by same school)

  3. 2009 – Ceramic figures

    2009 – Ceramic figures
    (made by same school)

Photos courtesy of Hilda Palmer, Greater Manchester Hazards Centre