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April 2023

UK Health and Safety Executive Public consultation on alternatives: Call for comments

Deadline: 19 May 2023

Article 64 in the UK REACH Regulation makes provisions for HSE to obtain and use additional information on possible alternatives or technologies as part of the opinion forming process.

HSE has received several applications for authorisation for the following substances/uses and has announced public consultations for each of these applications. Details can be viewed below:

Any third parties with an interest in these applications are strongly encouraged to share any relevant information.

Scientific and technical information on possible alternatives or technologies should be submitted directly to HSE using the commenting webform and templates by 19 May 2023.

Non-confidential comments will be published on HSE’s website.

Visit the HSE website for details of adopted opinions, granted UK REACH authorisations and in-progress applications.

Consultation on a testing proposal under Article 40(2) of UK REACH

HSE has received a testing proposal to undertake testing in vertebrates to consider and evaluate.

Article 40(2) of the UK REACH Regulation requires HSE to invite third parties to submit scientifically valid information and studies that are relevant to proposed vertebrate tests.

These submissions will be considered and evaluated alongside the proposals submitted by the registrants.

Any interested third parties are invited to provide such information and studies that address the substance and hazard endpoints below for which testing is proposed. Information can be submitted by any member of the public or interested party.

Consultation details for the endpoint for which testing is proposed can be viewed here.

Scientific and technical information relevant to the testing proposal should be submitted directly to HSE using the commenting webform and template by 11 May 2023.