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Poland’s Poster Competition 2018 – The Office

November 2018

This year’s theme of the Occupational Safety Poster Competition is the office work, which is seemingly the safest work, but has a strong impact on the health and quality of life of employees. Offices can be closed or open spaces provided by employers where employees perform the entrusted tasks, usually working in teams, on a computer and phone. Offices have also migrated to private spaces as the divide between professional and private life has shifted, disturbing the balance between the two. The mental strain induced by stress, difficult interpersonal relations or conflicts at work have a negative impact upon employee health. Similarly, a prolonged sitting position causes static back and trunk muscles strains which in turn lead to musculoskeletal disorders. Lastly, professionals working from home often pay the price with family conflicts and social isolation.

The projects received during the competition show various physical and psychological factors affecting the work in an original, apt and impressive way.

The competition is organised in Poland every year by the Central Institute for Labour Protection (CIOP) – National Research Institute in cooperation with Academies of Fine Arts (Cracow, Warsaw, Lodz). The participants are artists, professors and students of artistic universities in Poland and abroad.

The awarded posters of 2018 together with the catalogue of 50 selected reproductions of posters and more information about the competition can be found at