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Knowing what you do not know!

November 2017
Sheila Pantry OBE

You probably do not know as much as you think you do. When put to the test, most people find they cannot explain the workings of everyday things they think they understand! Take this into our world of work – do you know the hazards and dangers in your workplace? Equally important do you know where to go to look for validated and authoritative information that will help to keep you and your co-workers safe and sound?

Over the last twenty-five years or so with the advent and development of technology, especially The Internet and the ease with which to create many information resources there is so much information that can be of value to everyone who needs to stay ahead in their own specialism. But do you know how to find such reliable information?

Making the best use of these resources takes time. Just as no one book will give all the answers to a question, you may not find all the information which you need from looking at just one web site. A quick way will be to look at gateways such as OSH WORLD and see information to help you quickly get to the information you need and gives you a variety of other sources that you can make use of in order to answer your queries. It also gives you some tips when searching, to save you time and costs.

Arguably a long-standing collection of valuable health, safety, environmental, chemical and fire information is OSH UPDATE + FIRE – – see details of this collection below.