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Free White Paper on Risk of Impairment from Cannabis

July 2017

When workers are impaired on the job, it can have serious consequences. There are many sources of impairment such as fatigue, use of drugs (over the counter, prescription, illicit), and consumption of alcohol. With the sale and use of recreational cannabis set to become legal in Canada by 1July 2018, there are questions about how this could potentially impact the workplace. This is also an opportunity for employers to review their current workplace policies and programs and identify areas of improvement.

CCOHS has published a new white paper, Workplace Strategies: Risk of Impairment from Cannabis, that discusses the implications associated with the use of cannabis for both therapeutic and recreational purposes. It suggests that the key steps to reducing the impact of impairment on the workplace are to have appropriate mechanisms in place, to provide clear guidance to all workplace parties, and to apply workplace policies and programs using a fair and consistent approach.

This white paper presents information and recommendations for employers, employees, and others interested in workplace health and safety including how to:

The white paper was authored by CCOHS and underwent a tripartite review by representatives from government, employers and labour. It is available in English and French.

Download the white paper: