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Leap Year 29 February 2016! Calling all the World’s managers, directors and workers to propose to each other and agree to make all workplaces Safer and Healthier this year!

February 2016
Sheila Pantry OBE


Good risk management is fundamental because it helps lead to improved productivity, higher levels of innovation and it delivers economic growth. It also makes everyone in the workplace conscious of how jobs are being carried out – what is being done correctly and worse of all what is being bypassed and likely to cause an accident, a fatality or long term illness.

So why not make 29 February 2016 a very special day – one that could be a life changer for many people.

Here are some questions that the UK Health and Safety Executive Judith Hackitt would like you to think about:

Wishing everyone a big success in making 2016 the safest and healthiest year.