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Resolve to help Britain work well in 2016

January 2016
Sheila Pantry OBE

Judith Hackitt, who is Chair of the UK Health and Safety Executive wants everyone to start giving some thought to a resolution that HSE is going to be asking you to make early in the New Year.

We know that Britain has a health and safety record we can all be very proud of – it is one of the best in the world. But we also know that we can be even better. It is a challenge but one we should all be up for because it is about helping our country – every nation and region – to work well and prosper. There are lots of things we do well, that is why we are already world class, but to be even better we need to examine what we all do – hold on to what’s good and resolve to change what gets in the way of us improving.

Good risk management is fundamental because it helps lead to improved productivity, higher levels of innovation and it delivers economic growth. I have said many times in my blog that it is integral to business success, as well as being about ensuring that everyone goes home safe and well after a day’s work. It is about focusing on the important stuff and putting measures in place which are proportionate and sensible.

You have read these words before but now it is time for action from all of us. HSE is getting ready for the launch of the new strategy for Great Britain’s health and safety system which will take us through to 2020. The strategy has six key themes. But this is a strategy for the system not for HSE alone. We need to act together to gain much broader ownership and commitment and that means we need to talk, share ideas and find the courage to take some new directions. We will be holding a series of conversations around the country early in the New Year before we formally launch the strategy – we’re looking for real commitment to make a difference and take us even further on that journey of delivering the very best health and safety performance combined with economic success.

Here is one example of how we need to hold on to what is good and also take new steps. In recent years HSE has worked hard to simplify regulations while maintaining standards of protection. It’s been very well received but we know there is more to do.

We need to identify where the well-meaning efforts of others over-complicate things rather than simplify and to understand how we can change this.

Most of us take time to reflect over the Christmas and New Year period whether it is at work, at home, in the pub or in the bath. Here are some of the questions Judith Hackitt would like you to think about:

If you are, join the conversation on social media, using the hashtag #HelpGBWorkWell. We will then look forward to talking with you in January / February and to working with you to build your commitments into creating an even better health and safety system for Great Britain and for everyone.

Here’s to an even safer and healthier 2016 and beyond.