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October is Women’s Health Month

October 2015

Each October especially in the USA, women are reminded to put themselves first and make time for their health. Making your health a priority helps you stay in optimum shape and keeps illnesses and disease at bay.

Women often put their families’ needs ahead of their own, ignoring minor symptoms year after year until they affect their health. Using preventive care is one of the best ways to stay healthy, allowing you to give your all in everything you do for your family and yourself.

Each year, get a well-woman exam. At this exam, you should have your blood pressure checked and talk to your health care provider about what other screenings, immunizations or family planning you might need based on your age, health habits, family and medical history.

The American Cancer Society recommends all women should begin cervical cancer screening at age 21. There are other actions you can take to live a healthy life for example:

Talk to your health care provider about family, emotions, stress and non-physical concerns as well. Life events can bring higher stress with symptoms of anxiety, depression, and sleep difficulties. These concerns are just as important to discuss as your physical health in order to stay or become more healthy.

For more advice vist Women’s Health web page Your Health at Every Age to get details on what are the important health practices for you to maintain your health based on your age.