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Women’s Leadership

May 2015

We are all leaders in our own lives, influencing others professionally, in our families and in our wider circles. Many women find it important and valuable to develop relationships that build social capital, invest in the well-being of the whole system, collaborate, listen deeply to what is needed, and take a long term view that values process and people as much as completing the task at hand. Women often do this unconsciously while striving to succeed in a male paradigm that not always recognizes these skills and/or values them equally as other professional and personal skills. Many women find that in the process of fulfilling personal and professional expectations, they have only partially developed their capacities despite significant external achievements.

A program has been developed by the Ashland Institute (Oregon, USA) to support women opening up and developing their full potential. The program is called “Coming Into Your Own” and has a global track record for over 20 years.

Coming Into Your Own (CIYO) is a 3 days dynamic personal & leadership development program for women who are interested in engaging in a process of reflection, exploration and regeneration. The CIYO program helps women to understand the relationships between their inner dynamics and outer life/work challenges. In a mature community of colleagues, it supports women who:

General information:

Up-coming event: 1-4 June 2015
Conference Centre De Poort, Groesbeek, The Netherlands (close to Dusseldorf Airport)
English spoken
Contact: Pernette van der Werff | | +31 6 20 63 48 51

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