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Start the New Year with good intentions!
The importance of exercise at work: Useful exercises that can easily be done at your desk

by Carole Spiers
January 2013

I was about to attend a meeting in London the other day and had five minutes to spare so I sat in the reception area and started to read my book. After just a few moments, some of the marketing team, whom I had met previously came over to me and asked for any suggestions I had as to how they could keep fit while they were stuck behind a desk all day.

So this is what I told them and I thought you might like to read them as well as they are useful exercises which can easily be done at your desk.

Hand warm-up routine: This is an excellent routine for keyboard/mouse users or those who do a lot of writing.

Stretches to be done during a break away from your desk

Neck and Head


Lower Back


Foot rotation

Don't forget the eyes

So there you have it! Whether you are in a cold and wet London or sunny Dubai, you can always make time, every day, to exercise your body.

And make sure this becomes a part of your daily routine as well.

Make exercise a part your daily routine Take regular breaks throughout the day Use the stairs!

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