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Work smarter not harder - try OSH UPDATE
Are you using it? If not, why not?

May 2012

With a number of services located around the world that previously provided information and advice on health and safety at work now closed down and others reducing the amount of information available due to budget constraints it is essential that authoritative and validated information collections are still available to help people with their workplace problems.

Help is at hand with OSH UPDATE which contains over 825,000 references including full text documents from around the World. This collection that has been available for many years includes advice, guidance, research results, standards, legislation and much more.

Information Seekers will find a wealth of authoritative and validated advice from around the world. Best practices, case studies, journal articles, conference proceedings, research reports are all in OSH UPDATE.

OSH UPDATE is CONTINUOUSLY expanding and has 20 databases of full text and bibliographic records from authoritative organisations such as US NIOSH, UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work. It is a unique collection of quality information. A recent addition is the MHAID database containing major hazards accidents and incidents reports which complements the many thousands of similar reports within OSH UPDATE collection.

Why not try OSH UPDATE for yourself? Take a 15 day free trial to a collection of over 825,000 sources of authoritative and validated information.

The electronic services OSH UPDATE and FIREINF will help you and your organisation to keep up-to-date. These services continue to bring you the latest information on health, safety, environment, fire and other subjects that you will find useful in your daily work.

OSH UPDATE and FIREINF services contain both full text and bibliographic information and are continuously enlarged as new information is published. These services are used by organisations, universities and companies worldwide and have been available since the late 1990s.

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