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Show Stress Who's Boss!

January 2012

This NEW book on stress by Carole Spiers, with its innovative "How to Deal With Stress" solutions, is written for everyone in the workplace, from directors to all employees. It provides practical, straightforward information that is simple to use and can be implemented immediately.

Show Stress Who's Boss! is just the type of essential book on stress we all need for quick answers to stress management problems. Alongside case studies that accurately reflect the everyday issues faced by us all, you will find tried and tested stress reduction strategies and tips.

Stress Management - Made Easy

With so many pages written on this subject, you may wonder why this book on stress is so different. The simple answer is that Show Stress Who's Boss! provides a clear, no-nonsense approach to reduce stress at home and at work.

This easy to read, fully illustrated book on stress, demonstrates the right and wrong way of managing stress, which takes stress management to a new level.

Deal with Stress in 4 Simple Steps

Within Show Stress Who's Boss! you will discover a skill-set on how to deal with stress that is based on the twenty five years of Carole's hands-on experience in the workplace and dealing with stress.

Get an Insider's View Today of:

In order to reduce stress, you can either read this book on stress from cover to cover or just dip into it when you have a stress management problem that needs solving quickly. Either way, it will deliver instant answers to your questions.

Keep this essential guide on stress close to hand so that YOU can Show Stress Who's Boss!