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Transforming the culture of workplace health and safety and learn to "steal with pride"

May 2010

The recent British Safety Council's Health and Safety Leadership Conference that took place in London gave the opportunity to hear about a variety of success stories from a number of differing organisations - all of them Sword of Honour winners.

These organisations - Adidas, Dawn Group, Diego Runcorn Packaging, Linklaters and Wylfa Nuclear Power Generation Station (Magnex North) were happy to share publicly their respective approaches to leadership, workforce involvement and culture more broadly - and gave summaries of the 'why', 'how' 'when' and 'to what effect'.

Leadership, worker involvement and competence are three of the essential components of the Health and Safety Executive's strategy The Health and Safety of Great Britain.

The conference showcased the British Safety Council's new report Transforming the culture of workplace health and safety - a report written by Howard Fidderman.

Take time to read this 34 page report - there is much to learn including the idea of "steal with pride" any good ideas from other workplaces and install them in your own workplace.

To obtain the report see

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