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CIS celebrates: 50 years anniversary

June 2009

CIS, the International Labour Office (ILO) international network of health and safety information centres is celebrating its 50 years anniversary.

CIS was founded in 1959 as a joint endeavour of the International Labour Office (ILO), the International Social Security Association (ISSA), the European Coal and Steel Community and the occupational safety and health authorities of 11 European countries. The original 11-member network of National Centres has grown to cover 154 countries all over the world. In many countries, Collaborating Centres complement the National Centres, and the Arab Occupational Health and Safety Institute of the Arab Labour Organization became the first Regional Centre in 2004. With the evolution of European institutions, CIS enjoys the support of the European Commission.

CIS's goal is to ensure that workers and everyone concerned with their protection have access to the facts they need to prevent occupational injuries and diseases.

As Gábor Sándi, CIS Coordinator, Geneva says:

CIS is approaching its 50th anniversary. 50 years is a long time in the life of an organisation. It is particularly long if it deals with information in a field that deals with scientific, technical and social matters at a time of very fast change.

To read more about CIS and its activities see and also the CIS Newsletters including the special June 2009 edition at