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Better business, safer staff - Go chartered!

November 2005

Chartered Status for health and safety practitioners will lead to better business decisions and safer workplaces, according to IOSH (the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health).

To receive the new designation, practitioners will have to undertake Initial Professional Development (IPD) as well as enrol on mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD). An open book assessment and professional interview ensure that their skills and knowledge are fresh and kept up to date.

A recent IOSH/Macmilllian Davies Hodes Survey found that 40 per cent of health and safety professionals believed CPD would help them do their jobs better. By requiring mandatory CPD, IOSH is ensuring that standards within the profession are raised to new heights. The survey also highlighted the growing number of safety and health professionals currently reporting directly to their board or governing body, now at 49 per cent.

IOSH President, Lawrence Waterman, said: "You wouldn't employ someone who wasn't Corgi-registered to deal with a faulty boiler, and you wouldn't want an accountant dealing with your finances who wasn't chartered. The same rule should apply to health and safety.

"We're raising our game so that business and industry can reap the benefits. The days when a health and safety practitioner could go around a workplace with just a checklist and pen have long gone. Chartered safety and health practitioners will be a different breed, providing practical solutions to everyday problems in the workplace and communicating in the language of business."

Established in 1945 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 2003, IOSH is Europe's leading body for health and safety professionals, representing over 28,000 members. Principally a UK-based body, it also has an increasing international profile, with members in more than 50 countries. An independent, not-for-profit organisation, the Institution regulates and steers the profession, maintaining standards and providing impartial, authoritative guidance on health and safety issues. IOSH provides a centre of excellence for professional standards; promotes awareness of the importance of health, safety and sustainability; advances research and disseminates knowledge; encourages, facilitates and leads communication of information, good practice and expertise; and supports and develops the competence of members.

For more information on chartered status and the IOSH CPD scheme visit

Environment and Waste Plus

At a time when environment and waste information is ever more increasing and the legislation is more complex help is needed to guide busy managers and practitioners quickly and easily to the data they need for compliance with the law.

Up-to-date information from a wide variety of sources - the European Commission, the UK Government and the devolved Parliaments, the agencies and other organisations is needed on environment and integrated pollution prevention control (IPPC) and waste that also meet your ISO 14001 information needs for accreditation requirements. Guidance, advice and technical details are covered.

The answer for busy people at affordable costs - for less than GBP2 / US$3 a day is the newly launched ENVIRONMENT and WASTE PLUS published by Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd which contains a number of Full text databases and a Bibliographic database that may be searched either separately or together. These databases offer extensive coverage of FULL TEXT information on the topics of integrated pollution and prevention control, environment protection and waste.

Constantly updated and enlarged, Environment and Waste Plus, previously established some seven years ago as Environment Plus is re-launched to reflect the ever-increasing topic of waste and related information.

Easy to use software ensures that words and phrases that can be used to retrieve the required paragraph or instructions in a document is also a necessity when time is short and the information is needed quickly. Downloading or printing out the information or transferring to an individual's own document is also another facility. A major consideration is the price to have such a collection available to use whenever and wherever the busy practitioner requires it.

Thousands of full text pages of text are instantly accessible in ENVIRONMENT and WASTE PLUS which contains the following information:

In addition, Environment and Waste Plus contains:

Environment and Waste Plus is based on SilverPlatter's WinSPIRS software which will give the user quick and easy access to a wealth of important publications. The user can download data and print out required documents as well as cross search the database with other titles that use the WinSPIRS software such as the FIRE, EMERGENCY AND PREPAREDNESS WORLDWIDE and OSH-IRELAND. Available via the Internet or on CD-ROM It is also possible to network to enable simultaneous access by multiple users in an organisation. Users will be able to use their own personal computers to give authoritative and validated answers to questions on all aspects of environment and waste concerns.


Why not try ENVIRONMENT and WASTE PLUS for yourself and check out the contents of these exciting sources of information against your own workplace or academic needs.

Send your request for either an Internet or CD-ROM trial now.

In the case of Internet trials, access will be timed out after 30 days.

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