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28 April ILO World Day Safety and Health at Work: Creating and sustaining a safety and health culture

April 2004

The International Labour Office's Annual World Day for Safety and Health at Work is intended to focus international attention on promoting and creating a safety and health culture at work and to help reduce the number of work-related deaths each year.

This year, as in previous years, members of the ILO's tripartite constituency (including governments, employers and workers) are organising events are taking place world wide.

To strengthen and support these events, the ILO has developed a number of products which are available from the web page:

You are invited to join in promoting this important day wherever you are in the world

The theme for the Day is CREATING AND SUSTAINING A SAFETY AND HEALTH CULTURE AT WORK, which also incorporates this year's three sub-themes:

On the above-mentioned Web site you will find a package of informational tools to help constituents, partners, field offices and others to organize events and otherwise raise awareness of the World Day locally. This package includes:

All are available in English, French and Spanish on the website. You are free to print and mass produce them for use in local events.

For further information please contact your local ILO office or

Please also keep the ILO informed of your activities for the World Day.