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Introducing the International Association of Labour Inspection

March 2003

The International Association of labour Inspection (IALI) was established in 1972 in order to provide professional support to labour inspection organisations throughout the world. The aims of IALI are:

The IALI Statutes were first adopted on 20th June 1972 and were last amended on 19th June 2002. Copies are available in English, French, Spanish and German, from either the IALI website or from the Secretariat (details below).

Since its inception, IALI has worked in partnership with the International Labour Office (ILO). In 1978 the ILO conferred upon IALI the status of a Non-Governmental International Consultative Organisation.


Membership of IALI is open to any group of Labour Inspectors and Labour Departments of any State or Region of a Federal State that is responsible for the planning or direction of Labour Inspectors or for inspecting compliance with labour legislation (Article 4a of the Statutes). On 1st January 2003, there were 92 members of IALI from 73 different countries across the world.

As from 1st January 2003, annual membership fees range from 550 Swiss Francs (SF) to 2200 SF depending on the size and status of the individual member.

Activities and administration

IALI has a 3-year rolling programme. The 2002-2005 programme includes a range of activities for each year, such as conferences held in different parts of the world and often organised jointly with the ILO. In 2003, for example, ILO/IALI conferences are to be held in Costa Rica and Bulgaria. Once every 3 years, IALI holds a Congress and General Assembly for its members, usually in Geneva. The Association also encourages regional activities and programmes organised by its members.

IALI aims to provide regular professional updating and information for its members through its website (, which is in English, French, Spanish and German, and also its 'Forum' newsletters. The 'Forum' is published each year and covers various topics of general interest to the membership.

The administration of IALI is undertaken by an Executive Committee, details of which are available on the website, and a Secretariat.

Further information about IALI's future programmes, its organisation, its Statutes and other publications can be obtained from the website or from the Secretariat, whose address is:
Malcolm Gifford, IALI Secretariat, c/o Health and Safety Executive, Bootle, L20 7HE, UK | Tel: +44 151 951 4486 | Fax. +44 151 9513984 | e-mail:

IALI President: A. F Ellis, Director Field Operations, Health and Safety Executive, Daniel House, Bootle, L20 7HE, UK.
Secretary-General: P J Huijzendveld, General Director, Labour Inspectorate, PO Box 90801, 2509 LV Den Haag, Anna van Hannoverstraat 4, The Netherlands
Treasurer: M. Gisler, Directeur OCIRT, 23 rue Ferdinand-Hodler - CP 3974, 1211 Genève 3, Switzerland. |

Paul J Huijzendveld, General Director, Dutch Labour Inspectorate will be a speaker at the Euroshse2003 Conference