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FIRE WORLDWIDE: an expanding information source

March 2002
by Sheila Pantry, OBE

From March 2002 FIRE WORLDWIDE will start to expand with the inclusion of full text of sources of information not previously covered and brought together elsewhere. The full text content will include appropriate fire, health, safety legislation from the European Commission and the United Kingdom government. Also included are publications containing guidance and advice from a variety of organisations such as the Fire Prevention Association and the Health and Safety Executive. Statistics are an important area and Fire Worldwide will also include a range of statistics from around the world. Negotiations with other organisations are continuing with the aim of bringing together a quality collection of information.

Worldwide information

Aimed at everyone in the fire industry internationally, this is the World's premier collection of validated and authoritative fire information, also contains a number of complementary bibliographic databases from over 100 countries, with the emphasis on all aspects of fire management principles, practices and research. An extensive collection of historical references of interest to researchers can also be found.

Articles from well known fire and fire-related journals from worldwide publishers are indexed into databases from internationally respected organisations, all of whom have collaborated with Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd to produce FIRE WORLDWIDE. These organisations are the:

The following will be added June 2002:

The databases in Fire Worldwide may be searched either separately or together. These databases provide references to thousands of reports, journal articles, guidance and advice publications, press releases, all appropriate fire legislation, all appropriate interpretations of legislation, research papers, appropriate governmental papers, codes of practice, circulars, reports, monographs, statistics, annual reports, conference proceedings, audio visual items, guidance and advice.

Wide range of subjects

Fire Worldwide contains references on every subject from airport fire safety, to the use of abandoned buildings for fire training, facemasks, forest fires, sprinklers and the politics of fire prevention. Articles from well known fire and fire-related journals from worldwide publishers such as Journal of Fire Sciences, Fire Safety Engineering, Fire Safety Journal, Fire Surveyor, and reports and papers from organisations such as the US Gaithersburg based National Institute of Standards and Technology are indexed into the five databases in Fire Worldwide.

The indexed information comes from countries such as Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, France, Japan, Netherlands, New Zealand, Russia, Sweden, UK and the USA.

In the last 12 months over 21,808 references have been added to Fire Worldwide. This latest edition of the World's premier collection of validated and authoritative fire information now contains over 230,000 records. Even if you do not have access to all the journals Fire Worldwide will alert you to the contents of hundreds of these journals. Information staff will be able to create a cost effective Current Awareness Newsletter containing the latest references.

Fire Worldwide is useful for those researching fire information as well as those wishing to keep up to date with the latest information.

Fire Worldwide is used by Fire Brigades, fire information services and other organisations concerned with fire. Others who will benefit from having Fire Worldwide include universities and consultancies who do not have their own specialist fire information services. Those teaching and learning about fire sciences will find this information source invaluable, because it is such a unique collection of worldwide fire data.

For example, there are over 3800 references to the journal Fire, so if you keep your Fire journal in date order you can use Fire Worldwide to check the articles by author, title or subject. Likewise there are over 4460 records to Fire Prevention and 1470 records to Fire International. So work smarter, not harder by retrieving fire information easily and quickly from Fire Worldwide, which is available for use on personal computers, on organisations' networks and via the Internet.

All the bibliographic Database producers are willing to help information seekers obtain articles or documents quoted in the databases. Keeping up-to-date and accessing fire, wildland fire and fire-related topics, has never been so easy!

Quoted by a leading fire prevention organisation as "the World's best collection of validated and authoritative fire information" FIRE WORLDWIDE continues to expand, not only with the wide range of references to publications from Australia, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, to the USA to mention a few countries, from March 2002 with the full text information.

Updated quarterly, FIRE WORLDWIDE is available for use on a personal computer, networked in an organisation or university, and is also available via the Internet.

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