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New Survey by the International Stress Management Association (ISMA) UK

September 2018

Carole Spiers is chair of ISMA UK, a stress and mental health charity and founder of International Stress Awareness Week, and wants to encourage you to take part in ISMA UK annual survey, which carries great authority and enjoys wide media exposure.

This year’s survey is focused on workplace automation stress, a topic that’s currently front-of-mind with the stress management industry, as well as the large numbers affected by stress at work.

Carole asks for your views, and very much hope you will help to enrich the research by taking part in the survey.

To extend the scale of the survey, and raise its profile in the media, you may also care to encourage some of your own contacts to take part.

Data collection ends on 27 September 2018, so Carole hopes to hear from you before that date, in advance of International Stress Awareness Week.

Check out the events – and maybe organise one of your own.

Remember – it’s an international event. Countries from around the world are invited to participate.

Carole very much hopes that you will support ISMA in this important piece of research.


This month’s OSHWORLD FOCUS is entitled Celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of the Polish Social Policy.

Training: Update your 2018 diaries with training for workers at all levels

Whether you are a manager, director, safety representative, supervisors or worker it is time to:

Remember that even if you cannot attend these many events, speakers and organisers are often willing to share their knowledge. Look at the details – where possible, we add in the web sites of these events, so you can request further information. And do let me know if you are organising any OSHE events so that these can be added to the OSHWORLD Diary.

OSHWORLD – your portal to some great informative and authoritative OSH web sites in the world

Wherever you are in the world have a look at your health, safety, chemical, fire and environment procedures in your workplace and update them. Your review may also indicate training requirements and re-thinking how systems and services can be improved. This is where the free-of-charge OSHWORLD can help you.

Resources for you to quickly access

In addition to the above we hope that you find the information in OSHWORLD useful in your daily work. Globally there are continually new titles, news items, new products so remember to look at the News to find the latest information from a range of worldwide sources.

Use OSHWORLD as your portal to many hundreds of validated and authoritative web sites that you can find in the Country and Subject links we offer. New subject topics are constantly brought together on web sites, e.g. nanotechnology and the workplace.

Most information services have a reference shelf where you can quickly check the reference sources – so OSHWORLD brings you a collection of Reference sources and also teaches you how to Search the Internet.

Visit the various Bookshops to order any new document as they are being published. Many of these Bookshops have a constant stream of new titles available.

Please send any suggestions or comments about OSHWORLD – your portal to validated and authoritative information. Remember also to look at our other really useful sites – and why not make a free entry about your company’s products in

Don’t forget to learn from history – visit
An invaluable resource for students, lecturers, trainers, health and safety professionals and others with a general interest in industrial history, the site sets out developments from the 1802 Factory Act all the way through to the most recent regulatory changes made by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

Don’t work harder – work smarter! Be ahead of the game.