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Disasters: learning the lessons for a safer world

Sheila Pantry OBE
September 2010

In his recent (2010) book Disasters: learning the lessons for a safer world, published by the Institution of Safety and Health, the author David Eves, CB says that information contained is more than just a catalogue of catastrophes and mistakes. For each of the events recorded here, the author gives the background to what happened, a summary of the outcome and details of the lessons that were, or should have been, learnt. He also explores the politics of disaster and risk reduction. The book also goes beyond the stereotypical idea of what makes a 'disaster'. Fires, explosions, chemical and nuclear leaks, and structural collapses are all included, but so are events that are less high-profile but nevertheless offer important information for improving future risk management. Some, such as the UK Windsor Castle fire or the outbreak of foot and mouth disease, killed no-one but cost millions to put right. Others, such as asbestos, crept up on unsuspecting workers, causing fatal diseases many years after exposure. Other disasters are covered: fires; explosions at fuel stores; environmental pollution; accidents with high explosives; shipwrecks; offshore oil disasters; air crashes; accidents in space; nuclear disasters; mining accidents; railway collisions; crowd crushes; stadium tragedies; human factor; structural collapses; floods; silent killers - carcinogens and public and animal health. Learning to reduce hazards, risks, knowing about the politics of disaster and establishing a culture of safety all takes time and experience. Likewise Roger Bibbings, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) Occupational Safety Adviser in his recent Parting Shots article Learning from Accidents (July 2010 RoSPA OSH Journal) examines why so many opportunities for learning are missed. It is worth spending time reading these publications and putting into action, and constantly updating safer and healthier procedures in all workplaces. You will find many such pieces of advice and guidance in OSH UPDATE

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