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Don't forget 28 April 2008 - World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Sheila Pantry OBE
April 2008

The World Day for Safety and Health at Work is an annual event, held on 28th April of each year. It aims to raise awareness about how to make work safe and healthy and the need to raise the political profile of occupational safety and health.

The International Labour Office (ILO) encourages its tripartite partners to organize activities at the national and enterprise levels using promotional materials.

For more information, visit the ILO site for the World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2008:

Ideally, events should involve both management and workers and be reported to press and media. Please also let the ILO know about your events by sending an e-mail to

The ILO Report for the World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2008 - My life, my work, my safe work: Managing risk in the work environment - is now available along with other promotional products (poster, postcard and bookmark) on the ILO web site.

Access the ILO Report for the World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2008 (PDF, 1460 KB)

This year, the Report focuses on managing risk in the work environment. All managers and workers need to think about how to control and reduce risks in their own workplaces to prevent injury and protect their safety and health. It highlights the need for governments, employers, workers and their representatives, as well as research and training institutions and international organizations to work together to reduce the vast human and economic burdens of work-related accidents and diseases.

OSH UPDATE - are you using it? If not, why not?

More information on health and safety at work - not only from Europe but around the World, including advice and guidance, legislation and much more can be found by checking out the OSH UPDATE electronic collection of information sources. Seekers will find a wealth of authoritative and validated advice from around the world. Best practices, case studies, journal articles, reports and knowledge of systems are in OSH UPDATE.

Another database of information from the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) has been added to the collection - making a total of 18 databases in OSH UPDATE. And at no extra cost!

Also you may find FIREINF that is the world's premier collection of validated, authoritative fire and fire related information and contains two major collections. For those individuals and organisations that do not subscribe to a range of journals/magazines this is one way of ensuring that the latest news, developments and trends are available.

The 4 Full Text Collection databases containing thousands of pages of full text information (about 12,000 pages added in 2007) and The Bibliographic Collection has 7 databases which contain over 266,000 records to journal articles, guidance and advice, circulars, reports, conference proceedings, research reports, statistics and codes of practice from worldwide sources, all of which may be easily accessed. One of the databases - from the British Standards Institution - contains references to over 4000 fire and fire related standards.

This long established collection started in 1997 as Fire Worldwide and then expanded into Fire, Emergency and Preparedness Worldwide. From 2007 the collection continues to expand with the new software and host platform as Fireinf and aims to help all those seeking information on all aspects of fire, emergency and preparedness management principles, fire risk assessment, good practices and research.

Fireinf is continuously enlarged as new information is published.

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OSHWORLD - your portal to some of the best OSH web sites in the world.

This is a good time of the year for all organisations to review their health, safety, chemical, fire and environment procedures on a regular basis. It is important that the practices and systems in the workplace are constantly reviewed and if necessary, improved. This review may also indicate training requirements and updates and re-thinking how systems and services can be improved. This is where the free-of charge OSHWORLD can help you. Look at the latest additions to the Diary of Events and you will see plans have been made already worldwide up to the end of 2008 and beyond to have training courses, symposiums and conferences in many places in the world on a wide range of subjects.

Remember that even if you cannot attend these many events, speakers and organisers are often willing to share their knowledge. Look at the details - where possible, we add in the web sites of these events so you can request further information. And do let me know if you are organising any OSHE events so that I can add them to the Diary.

OSHWORLD's FOCUS this month looks at the Cutting deaths, injuries and ill-health in construction.

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In addition to the above we hope that you find the information in OSHWORLD useful in your daily work. Globally there are continually new titles, news items, new products so remember to look at the News to find the latest information from a number of worldwide sources.

Use OSHWORLD as your portal to many hundreds of validated and authoritative web sites which you can find in the Country and Subject links we offer. New subject topics are constantly brought together on web sites, e.g. avian flu and the workplace.

Most information services have a reference shelf where you can quickly check the reference sources - so OSHWORLD brings you a collection of Reference sources and also teaches you how to Search the Internet.

Click onto the various Bookshops to order any new document as they are being published. Many of these Bookshops have a constant stream of new titles available.

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Well did you have a zero accident, incident-free and healthy year in 2007 in your workplace? Some would argue that this is not possible! But keep on trying again in 2008!