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Fire Risk Assessment and Business Continuity

April 2005
Sheila Pantry OBE

September 2001 terrorist assaults in the USA have affected virtually every branch of our fire safety community, most significantly the Fire Services, but also designers, insurers and manufacturers. Yet there are other cross boundary concerns to consider just as seriously such as building standards for hotels, structural safety in a range of building types and tunnel fires. There are continuing concerns about the fire safety in workplaces, schools, the home and in the leisure industry where fires continue to cause death, injuries and thousands of pounds/dollars/euros in damages.

On Monday, 29 November 2005 there will be a One-day Masterclass on Fire Risk Assessment and Business Continuity Planning and Management, 29 November 2005, to be present at the Stratford Manor Hotel, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, UK by Les Moseley - Director of the Coventry Centre for Disaster Management and Programme Manager - University of Coventry, UK and Dennis Davies CBE, OStJ, QFSM, CEng, CCMI, FIFireE(Life), MEI - Independent Fire Adviser - International Committee for the Prevention and Extinction of Fire (CTIF) and formerly HM Chief Inspector of Fire Services, Scotland.

The Masterclass aims to build on existing knowledge and skills in Risk and Hazard Analysis for Fire Risk Assessment and develop further knowledge in Continuity Planning.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of the workshop participants will have:

The Masterclass is aimed at OSH managers, risk managers and emergency and business continuity planners in industry, commerce and local and central government.

Content of the day:

The Presenters are Les Moseley - is Director of the Coventry Centre for Disaster Management and Programme Manager for the professional diploma courses including the Diploma in Business Continuity Management. Before joining Coventry University, and Dennis Davies, who became an independent fire adviser, working with government and commercial clients in 2004 after 39 years active involvement in the fire service. As HM Chief Inspector of Fire Services for Scotland he was responsible for assessing the performance of all Scotland's brigades and advising Ministers and the Scottish Executive on fire matters. Between 1986 and 1999 he was the Chief Fire Officer for Cheshire Fire Brigade.

The Chairman for the day is Professor Peter Waterhouse, the Honorary Visiting Professor of Occupational Safety in the Robens Centre of the European Institute of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Surrey, UK.

This is a unique opportunity to attend this Masterclass to be given by two international experts... make sure that you have a place and make your reservation now! Organised by Angel Business Publications and Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd, the Masterclass will be followed by the EurOhse2005 conference that will be held on 30 November 2005 - 1 December 2005 at the Stratford Manor Hotel, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, UK. This is the third year for this very popular, informative conference that keeps you up-to-date and provides excellent networking opportunities and will provide key points for future activities for all those responsible for securing good standards of health and safety in the workplace, and excellent networking opportunities. 14 eminent speakers with backgrounds in government, inspectorates, industry, research and education will discuss a range of topics. Why not book both the Masterclass and the EurOhse2005 conference?

For further details contact: EurOhse 2005 and Masterclass | Tel: +44 (0) 1926 512424 | Fax: +44 (0) 1926 512948 | Email:

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Remember that even if you cannot attend these many events, speakers and organisers are often willing to share their knowledge. Look at the details - where possible, we add in the web sites of these events so you can request further information. And do let me know if you are organising any OSHE events so that I can add them to the Diary.

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