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Managing Stress in the Workplace

September 2003
Sheila Pantry OBE

Stress-related illness can be costly to companies in terms of lost productivity, sickness absence and ill-health retirement. Management practices that are good for the health of the employees are likely to be good for their productivity. Good management policy is therefore in the interests both of the organisation and the workers.

Managing stress in the workplace requires that both employers and employees together should tackle the many problems in this area including nature of stress, identifying workplace stressors, bullying at work, effects of stress on the individual, trauma and coping with the aftermath of a critical incident.

As always risk assessment of jobs on a continuous basis is essential if organisations are to maintain a healthy and safer working environment. Recently the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) launched a pilot project to help tackle stress in the workplace. The project, which has been place on the HSE website encourages all sizes and types of companies to get involved by evaluating how they are working in relation to a draft version of a document entitled Management standards for stress. The good news here, is that any feedback from the project will be incorporated when the systems is formally developed for launch next year in 2004.

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A book Managing Stress in the Workplace by Carole Spiers (ISBN 07545 1269 X) has just been published and the author draws upon her substantial experience in the field of stress management to provide an indispensable manager's guide, which covers identifying stress, stress management and intervention techniques. As well as containing useful checklists, best practice guidelines and case studies throughout, it explains the significance of the new UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Guidance Notes and provides worked examples of formulating a stress policy and what constitutes best practice. Contact the publishers Tolleys - Reed Elsevier (UK) Ltd | Email: |

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