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Preparedness and business continuity .... how are your plans?

May 2003
Sheila Pantry, OBE

How prepared are you and your business to cope with emergencies, disasters and other problems which, at times, seem out of your control? At the time of writing SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak is dominant news, with earthquakes and other problems continuously emerging. Since 11 September 2001, the world has altered beyond all recognition and organisations, wherever they are located, must have business continuity plans to maintain resilience in these uncertain times. These business contingency or continuity (BC) arrangements or 'business preparedness' plans must be made to ensure that your business can continue despite emergencies. Whatever size your organisation, the concepts in a business preparedness plan will be needed, if it is to continue beyond a disaster or emergency.

Government Agencies and Departments around the world have been producing large amounts of guidance and advice that is freely available on the various websites. You will find many of these websites listed in OSHWORLD in both in the country and subject links. The information in these various web sites will help in the creation of your Business Continuity Management plan. The UK information includes the UK Resilience web site which includes the major departments such as the Home Office, Department of Health, Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM), the Office of Government Commerce, and links into other major sources such as the Health and Safety Executive, the Emergency Planning College, onto London Prepared.

Because the US Government has put great effort to bring their departments, agencies and institutes information into a co-ordinated service, the major departments and agencies are also listed. The information relating to terrorism and building security are included in a number of sites including the US Department of Homeland Security that has information on emergencies and disasters, threats and protection. Likewise the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has a large number of subject topic areas, and have brought together NIOSH information such as: emergency response; disaster site management; chemical safety including the material safety data sheets (MSDS); Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM); Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards; International Chemical Safety Cards (IPCS); Irradiated mail plus other preparedness linked sites such as the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

There are many authoritative and validated sources of information listed in OSHWORLD. In the Subject index you can easily find up-to-date advice and guidance on a range of topics for example SARS. And if you are looking for country specific information, then click onto the Country of your choice.

Meanwhile OSHWORLD continues to bring you news, publications, web sites that you will find useful in your daily work. Look at the latest additions to the Diary of Events and you will see plans have been made already worldwide up to 2005 to have training courses, symposiums and conferences in many places in the world on a wide range of subjects. Don't forget that on 3 November 2003 there will be a major conference on Food Safety in Europe FSE2003. On 4 - 5 November 2003 Eurohse2003 takes place also in London, UK. This is a major event for all occupational health and safety practitioners and managers. Already bookings have been made for both conferences.. So do not wait until it is too late to get into these important events.

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