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May 2021 Events

12-14 May 2021 – The Vision Zero Safety Future Summit
Lloret de Mar, Spain
Contact: ETALON Association |

13 May 2021 – Machinery Series – Machinery Directive
1-day online training course
The design, supply and incorporation of machinery into assemblies within the European Economic area is governed by the European Machinery Directive that was significantly amended in 2006. In the UK this directive has been transposed into the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations that came into force at the end of December 2009. This course gives delegates a thorough understanding of this legislation, as revised, as well as the key current European and International safety standards that support the Regulations. Delegates are shown how to build a technical file and have the opportunity to practice assessing conformity to the essential health and safety requirements. The purpose and content of a declaration of conformity and incorporation are explained along with when to use which.
Contact: Health and Safety Laboratories |

13-14 May 2021 – Site and Transport Safety
2-day online training course
Vehicle movements and loading and unloading vehicles can be some of the most dangerous work activities organisations carry out. This course will help you understand the legal requirements of both road traffic law and workplace safety law, how and why things go wrong, and how you can take practicable steps to reduce risk in your business.
Contact: Health and Safety Laboratories |

17-18 May 2021 – Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) Assessment
2-day online training course
This course will equip you with the knowledge to help recognise, assess and reduce musculoskeletal disorder (manual handling and upper limbs disorder) risks in your organisation. Prevention and control of work-related MSDs is a major priority and as such HSE have published a suite of three simple, but effective risk assessment methods called: the Manual Handling Assessment Charts (MAC tool – for lifting, carrying and team handling tasks); the Risk Assessment for Pushing and Pulling (RAPP tool – for pushing and pulling tasks) AND the Assessment or Repetitive Tasks (ART tool – for upper limb disorders) They are designed to help you understand, interpret and categorise the level of risk of the various known ergonomic risk factors associated with manual tasks.
Contact: Health and Safety Laboratories |

18-19 May 2021 – COMAH Compliance for Lower Tier Establishments
2-day online training course
The Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 2015 (COMAH) impose duties on establishments holding in storage or process quantities of hazardous materials above thresholds defined for each substance. Those establishments where the quantities exceed the lower of the thresholds are known as Lower Tier Establishments. This course identifies the COMAH duties for Lower Tier establishments and what needs to be done to comply with them. It also explains the duties that fall to the Competent Authority (CA) and Local Government. The course will cover: CPD Certified; An introduction to the major hazards regulatory regime; COMAH application, including the aggregation rules, duties and notification to the CA; The Major Accident Prevention Policy, what it should and should not contain; Understanding your risk profile; Controlling your risks; Roles and responsibilities for compliance; Delivering the Safety Management System; Mitigatory actions.
Contact: Health and Safety Laboratories |

18-20 May 2021 – FIREX International
ExCel, London
Contact: FIREX International is the global arena for sourcing fire safety products, guidance and expertise. It gives fire and security professionals access to the very latest technology from suppliers across the world |

20-21 May 2021 – World Congress on Public Health & Safety Conference
Toronto, Canada – In-Person

24-26 May 2021 – AIHce EXP 2021: Advancing Worker Health and Safety
Dallas, Texas, USA – In-Person

24-27 May 2021 – Behaviour Change: Achieving Health and Safety Culture Excellence
3-day online training course
Not all risks can be engineered out of the work environment. Even with the best plans, procedures and systems in place, individuals at work still take short cuts and make mistakes. Sometimes risk-taking behaviour is intentional, for whatever reason. In other cases, risks may be taken due to a lack of understanding about a particular hazard, associated controls or inadequate training. To individual workers, such risk-taking can result in injury, ill-health and fatalities. To the organisation, some of the many costs can include lost time, damage to machinery, litigation, and prosecution. If unchecked, these costs can escalate. This course, delivered by HSE psychologists, will provide you with an understanding of the many factors that influence both workers' and managers' behaviour. It will also highlight the strengths and weaknesses of traditional behaviour modification strategies for correcting unsafe and unhealthy behaviour, highlighting why such approaches may have limited impact.
Contact: Health and Safety Laboratories |

25-26 May 2021 – Slips and Trips – Falls Prevention
2-day online training course
Slips, trips and falls are the leading cause of major injuries in the workplace. These injuries can be devastating for the individual involved and they generate a huge financial burden on industry. Almost all slips and trips can be prevented, often with simple inexpensive interventions. Slips and trips can happen for a number of reasons, but all too frequently people jump to conclusions about why they happen rather than looking for the true cause, or assume that it is 'just one of those things' and do nothing. The biggest challenges when trying to reduce slips in the workplace are knowing where to get reliable information on flooring, understanding the ins and outs of cleaning, and knowing how to select footwear. Understanding the science behind slips and trips makes it easier to identify the true cause of a fall and prevent future incidents. This course will help you understand the causes of slips, trips and falls, and highlight successful interventions that offer a great starting point for organisations looking to reduce falls. It is delivered by experts in accident investigation and has a practical focus on understanding the causes of slips, trips and falls and reducing the risk of future incidents.
Contact: Health and Safety Laboratories |

26-27 May 2021 – Hazmat 2021 Annual Conference
Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, UK
Contact: NCEC | Tel: +44 (0)1235 753654 |