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OSH UPDATE + FIRE Newsletter

No. 9 – June 2022
Edited by Sheila Pantry OBE

OSH UPDATE + FIRE Electronic Service – Celebrating in July 2022 Robens Report 50th Anniversary

This is the 9th edition of OSH UPDATE + FIRE Newsletter that is being sent to worldwide users of this electronic collection of 26 databases. We hope you find that the details in this edition of the newsletter will give you an understanding of how health and safety has developed since the Robens Report PDF was launched 50 years ago and how it revolutionised the United Kingdom approach and subsequently in many other countries around the World e.g. Australia.

Constantly expanding content

As the workplaces of the world are rapidly changing OSH UPDATE + FIRE has always aimed to quickly bring new publications containing guidance and advice to help you and your colleagues meet the challenges being presented. This is especially so when looking for information on workplace accidents and fatalities – here you will find many publications giving comparison between countries and statistics. Also you will find that when legislation has been introduced there will be reductions of industrial accidents.

Massive changes in how workplaces are run will also have statistics to support why these changes are successful. See also reports such as the UK Health and Safety Executive Annual Statistics Report PDF and the Australian report Ghassempour, N.; Tannous, W. K.; Avsar, G.; Agho, K. E.; Harvey, L. A. “Estimating the Total Number of Residential Fire-Related Incidents and Underreported Residential Fire Incidents in New South Wales, Australia by Using Linked Administrative Data”. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 2021, 18(13), 6921;

If you wish to suggest any new information we are happy to include in the OSH UPDATE + FIRE collection if it comes from an authoritative source.

Currently the total collection contains 1,183,220 records and includes 141,723 full text documents from worldwide validated and authoritative sources.


In the very late 1970s the HSELINE database was created – a collection of bibliographic records of HSE publications plus bibliographic records of all the holdings of the 30 Health and Safety Executive Information Services units that made up the total service (whose Head of Information Services was Sheila Pantry).

The HSE Information Services and HSE Computer Services created HSELINE using the UK Harwell Laboratories STATUS programme. It was the first database created by any UK Government Department or Agency to be made publicity available – firstly on the European Space Agency (ESA) computer in Frascati, Italy.

At the same time – late 1970s – the US National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) was creating the bibliographic NIOSHTICS database, now known as NIOSHTICS 1.

A little later, the International Labour Office Health and Safety Centre (known as CIS) also created the CISDOC bibliographic database.

Fast developments were taking place in the use of technologies and the Compact Disc era enabled the company SilverPlatter in London to work with Sheila Pantry, HSE and then invited USA NIOSH Information Services Team in Cincinnati and the ILO CIS team in Geneva to help create OSH-ROM – “Occupational Safety and Health Read Only Memory” Compact Disc in 1986! OSH-ROM was soon enlarged to include other databases.

So, some of the databases in OSH UPDATE+ FIRE go back many, many decades with HSELINE (now containing both bibliographic and full text documents) and both NIOSHTICS 1 (bibliographic) and NIOSHTICS 2 (full text) giving extremely useful contributions to the wealth of information in the current collection. And Sheila Pantry is still the driver of the collection and has created, with colleague Andrew Armitage, many databases covering all aspects of OSH and fire information sources.


Currently the following 26 full text and bibliographic databases are included in OSH UPDATE + FIRE

ANPI Archive – Bibliographic

Belgian Fire and Intrusion Prevention Association

BRE FLAIR FRS – Bibliographic

UK BRE Global Ltd

BSI Standards – Leads to full text

British Standards Institution (BSI)

CCOHS OSH Answers Full Text

Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

CISDOC Bibliographic

CIS Health & Safety Information Centre, International Labour Office, Geneva

EU Legislation Full Text

Office of the Official Publications of the European Communities

European OSH Agency Full Text

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work Publications

FRI Wildland Fire, USA – Bibliographic

Fire Research Institute Wildland Fire, USA – documents are available from FRI see address in the service

FSEG Full Text

University of Greenwich, Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) UK

HSELINE Full Text and Bibliographic

UK Health and Safety Executive Information Services

ILO Conventions, Protocols and
Recommendations Full Text

International Labour Office, Geneva, Switzerland

International Fire Bibliographic

Produced by Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd

International OSH Bibliographic

Produced by Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd

International OSH and FIRE Full Text Collection

Produced by Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd
Full text documents from many worldwide authoritative sources

Irish Full Text Collection

Produced by Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd
Full text documents from the HSA, other Irish government departments and selected Irish organisations

Irish Legislation Full Text

Produced by Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd
Full text of Irish Acts and SIs relevant to safety, health and welfare

IRSST Full Text

Institut de recherche Robert-Sauvé en santé et en sécurité du travail

LPC Risk Sciences Fire Archive Biblio

LPC Centre for Risk Sciences Archive

Major Hazards Accidents and Incidents
Database (MHAID) Full Text

Produced by Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd

NSAI Bibliographic

National Standards Association of Ireland
References to all Irish Standards published by the NSAI

NSAI Full Text

Full text of Irish Standards on Health and Safety

NIOSHTIC Bibliographic

US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

NIOSHTIC-2 Bibliographic

US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

RILOSH Bibliographic

Ryerson International Labour Occupational Safety and Health

RoSPA Bibliographic and Full Text

UK Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents Information Services

UK Legislation Full Text

Produced by Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd
Full text of UK Acts and SIs relevant to safety, health and welfare

N.B. When you make a search for information all these databases are used unless you specify a particular one(s).

OSH UPDATE + FIRE is arguably the most comprehensive and largest collection of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and Fire information in the World and especially at the subscription price. If you know of any individual or organisation who may benefit from using OSH UPDATE + FIRE, please pass on the free 15 working days trial request at