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OSH UPDATE + FIRE Newsletter

No. 5 – November 2019
Edited by Sheila Pantry OBE


We hope that you find OSH UPDATE + FIRE useful in your work.

It is arguably the largest collection in the world at the subscription prices offered. The collection contains both full text and bibliographic content in the databases. Note, there are currently 1,156,201 records including 115,684 full text documents – bigger than most Health, Safety and Fire Information Centres and Libraries.

FOCUS on Fires and Fire-related content in OSH UPDATE + FIRE

With fires a dominant worry in many parts of the world, users will be keen to know that OSH UPDATE + FIRE contains a wealth of information on fire and fire related topics in the majority of the 26 databases. Many – such as HSELINE, USA NIOSHTIC and NIOSHTICS 2, FRI Wildland Fire from the USA, the FSEG Fire Safety Engineering Group (FSEG) UK from the University of Greenwich, UK, International Fire Bibliographic Collection, International Full Text Collection, British Standards Institution BSI database, UK legislation database, Major Hazards Accidents and Incidents Database (MHAID) are unique in the range and quality of the sources held – contain authoritative and validated content not only going back many years but are constantly been updated.

Web sites of worldwide fire and related publishers such as Pennwell Publishing, CRC Press and Routledge are checked regularly for their latest publications.

Other fire databases are held because of their unique archival content such as: ANPI from the Belgian Fire and Intrusion Prevention Association; BRE FLAIR FRS from UK BRE Global Ltd and the LPC Centre for Risk Sciences Archive.

Try some fire and fire related searches in OSH UPDATE + FIRE

Start as an example with a simple search.

In the Title field only: wildland fire*
(* is used to pick up fire and fires)
Results 2384 records

Try it again with All fields – you will see a much larger selection of records/full text about 5226.

Search in the Title field for train* and firefighter* to see how organisations and fire and rescue services are training personnel.

If you are interested in a specialist fire publisher and wish to see their latest books search, for example, in the Source field crc press and 2019

If you know of any specialist publisher in your country not yet covered by OSH UPDATE + FIRE, please send details by email below.

Constantly expanding content

As the workplaces of the world are rapidly changing OSH UPDATE + FIRE has always aimed to quickly bring new publications containing guidance and advice to help you and your colleagues meet the challenges being presented in all workplaces. It is constantly updated covering a wide range of topics and interesting new subject areas, e.g. drones and robots in workplaces, use of cannabis in workplaces, wellbeing and mental health in all workplaces, new methods of construction of buildings – especially high-rise buildings and the use of cladding after the UK Grenfell Tower fire disaster and other similar fires around the world. If you wish to suggest any new information we are happy to include in the collection if it comes from an authoritative source.

OSH UPDATE + FIRE is arguably the most comprehensive and largest collection of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and Fire information in the World and especially at the subscription price. If you know of any individual or organisation who may benefit from using OSH UPDATE + FIRE, please pass on free 15 working days trial request at