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OSH UPDATE + FIRE Newsletter

No. 2 – November 2018
Edited by Sheila Pantry OBE

OSH UPDATE + FIRE Electronic Service Overview


We hope that you find OSH UPDATE + FIRE useful in your work.

It is arguably the largest collection in the world at the subscription prices offered. The collection contains both full text and bibliographic content in the databases. Note, there are currently 1,146,507 records including 108,652 full text documents – bigger than most Health, Safety and Fire Information Centres and Libraries.

The subject content of OSH UPDATE + FIRE

The 26 databases that makes up OSH UPDATE + FIRE cover a very wide range of topics covering all industries and workplaces. See the introduction to each of the individual databases on the home page.

Interesting new subject areas are CONSTANTLY emerging – in recent times we have been adding information on the use of drones and robots in workplaces including all aspects of the worldwide fire industry, use of cannabis in workplaces, wellbeing and in all workplaces, new methods of construction of buildings – especially high-rise buildings and the use of cladding after the UK Grenfell Tower fire disaster and other similar fires around the world.


1. To enter OSH UPDATE + FIRE go to

  • Enter Username – in lower case
  • Enter Password – in lower case

These are given to you by Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd. The trial is for 15 days but please ask for an extension of time. During the trial period it is useful to have about 4 simultaneous users so that you and other colleagues can use the system at the same time. Please ask.

2. When you are searching OSH UPDATE + FIRE all 26 databases are searched simultaneously.

You can also select to search just any one of the 26 databases, e.g. NIOSHTICS-2 by ticking the box against the database titles listed on the search page.

3. The latest, i.e. 2018, documents are retrieved first... click on the titles that are in red and you will get the reference and any full text link provided.

Search results

You can search by author, subject keyword, title, journal title etc.

Future content

  1. Mental Health in the workplace, including information to expand managers’ skills to open conversations about mental health problems and boosting emotional and physical resilience of employees.
  2. Expanding content on Stress in all workplaces
  3. Use of combustible materials for a range of all new high-rise residential buildings, hospitals, registered care homes and student accommodation.
  4. Changing face of work – new type of jobs and job titles – for example, these are already being discussed: Elderly wellbeing consultant; Vertical farmer; Haptic programmer; Waste data handler; Avatar manager; Memory augmentation surgeon.
  5. Cognitive era – Artificial Intelligence: ‘the science of making machines smart’.
  6. Co-worker or cobot – sophisticated robots working alongside workers without the need for segregation.
  7. Working any time, any place, any space – working patterns driven and enabled by ICT.
  8. ‘Wearable’ health and safety protection/equipment – monitoring our vital signs to indicate potential health and safety risks.
  9. How the safety and health of a peripatetic globally dispersed workforce using connected devices will be managed.
  10. Improved monitoring technology to improve safety for lone workers or those in hazardous situations.
  11. What is required to approve Remote Autonomous Systems.

All look interesting and exciting – we continually watch out for new reports, books and articles etc.

How to search

Full instructions on how to search OSH UPDATE +FIRE

Look at the Help information on the toolbar, e.g.

Help toolbar

Gives lots of examples for users to get the best information.

You will find instructions – click on each heading as below and you can print them out:

Help options

Help Tips

Bibliographic and Full Text Documents

We are updating on a continuous basis as new data comes in.

The records in the bibliographic databases are increasing linking direct to the full text... please note that the URL field will have either GO TO FULL TEXT or have a URL link to the full text.

Spotlight on HSELINE

The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Information Services has, since 1977, added references to information relevant to health and safety at work in one of the world’s first occupational health and safety databases HSELINE that currently contains 237,674 records including 6,424 full text documents.

HSELINE includes records to HSE and also the former Health and Safety Commission (HSC) publications, together with references to worldwide documents, conference proceedings, journal articles, research reports and legislation in a wide range of manufacturing and service industries, agriculture, explosives, engineering, industrial pollution, mining and nuclear technology. Among the topics covered include accident prevention, risk assessment, occupational medicine and hygiene, ergonomics, stress management, toxicology, safety engineering, nuclear and mining technology and all industries in the UK. The HSE’s Laboratories extensive research work over many years is included in HSELINE which also contains hundreds of research reports, guidance and advice and includes the forward-looking research programme.

OSH UPDATE + FIRE is arguably the most comprehensive and largest collection of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and Fire information in the World and especially at the subscription price. If you know of any individual or organisation who may benefit from using OSH UPDATE + FIRE, please pass on free 15 working days trial request see