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IRISH OSH UPDATE is the essential source for organisations and practitioners seeking up-to-date information on all aspects of occupational safety and health (OSH) in Ireland.

IRISH OSH UPDATE is affordable, easy to use and is published by Sheila Pantry Associates Ltd with the co-operation of the Health and Safety Authority, Dublin, Ireland and other prominent organisations, and contains the following full text information:

So what will you find in IRISH OSH UPDATE?

In addition to all the databases in OSH UPDATE + FIRE the following are included in IRISH OSH UPDATE.

  • Occupational safety and health and related Acts of the Oireachtas and Statutory Instruments – Full text
  • Irish Collection – including documents from the following:
    • Health and Safety Authority’s (HSA) current publications, reports, guidance, advice, newsletters and annual reports and other relevant Irish Government Departments publications
    • Irish Business and Employers Confederation (IBEC) health and safety guides and “Your Questions Answered”
    • National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) publications and NISO e-Newsletter
  • National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) Full Text – Full text of Irish Standards on Health and Safety
  • National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) Bibliographic – References to all Irish Standards published by the NSAI

Quickly gain access to legislation, guidance and advice that is up-to-date and relevant – take a 15-day Free trial of IRISH OSH UPDATE – the service that is focused, affordable, easy to use and continuously updated as new data is published.

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The prices reflect our aim to bring health and safety guidance, advice, research, journal articles, papers, standards to the attention of health and safety practitioners, occupational hygienists, research workers, scientists, occupational health nurses, toxicologists, health workers, and managers, trade union safety representatives, occupational physicians, information specialists in industry, colleges and universities, government staff, inspectors, university and college safety directors, university and college lecturers and those in training – at a cost that is affordable and a service that is time efficient.

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Users’ Views

The information is excellent and easy to use. — A specialist user in Ireland
It is very useful, and saves me a lot of time from having to search many sources elsewhere, and is easy to navigate and find exactly what is needed. — A busy information service provider

Full Text Contents

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