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Occupational Health

Sheila Pantry, Editor


Chapman and Hall

July 1995

290 pp

ISBN 0412604108 (UK)

ISBN 1565934156 (US)


The International Labour Office estimates that between 110 and 120 million accidents occur at places of work each year worldwide. With the increasing regulations, inspections and policies emerging globally about occupational health and related safety, this guide to occupational health was written to encourage good health and safety standards in the workplace and detail up-to-date information and practical legislative knowledge arising from EEC directives.

Occupational Health is divided into four parts.

Part One provides an introduction to occupational health trends at the time of writing (1995). Topics covered are employers’ liability, the role of insurance companies/organisations, consultants and liability, and the European factors and practice in Member States.

Part Two focuses on occupational health in the workplace.

Part Three highlights current and future research.

Part Four describes the most recent research European and worldwide legislation at the time (1995); information services and sources of information including computerised services.


Jon Hancock

Occupational and Environmental Medicine, January 1996, 53(1), p. 72


Sheila Pantry OBE BA FCLIP manages an independent information services consultancy and electronic publishing business, including websites. She has had a long and varied career in information management in a range of industry sectors, and also in government as Head of Information Services for the Health and Safety Executive. She specializes in worldwide occupational health and safety information and is an experienced trainer, writer, editor, lecturer and conference organiser.